Greencross Vets Virtual Symposium 2022

The 2022 Greencross Vets Clinical Symposium was delivered face to face between 22 and 24 October 2022 on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. Recordings of all sessions are available here for six weeks commencing November 1st.

A virtual exhibition, featuring all our corporate supporters brings you additional CE content, journal articles, product information, and a virtual treasure hunt featuring fantastic prizes.

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Neurological emergencies - managing cranial trauma

Speaker: Sam Long

Approach to the Trauma Patient - initial assessment and emergency management

Speaker: Sarah Goldsmid, Natashia Evans

Approach to the Trauma Patient - case studies in surgical and medical care

Speaker: Sarah Goldsmid, Natashia Evans

Coagulopathy of snake envenomation

Speaker: Louis Eramanis

Update on spinal cord disease emergencies

Speaker: Sam Long

Brachycephalic airway disease and co-morbidities

Speaker: Carla Appelgrein

Guide to a Mentally Healthy Workplace: Acknowledging Risk Factors & Taking Action

Speaker: Rebekah Scotney

A Team-Based Approach to Mental Health Ergonomics: Implementing Wellness in the Veterinary Practice

Speaker: Rebekah Scotney

The importance of self care

Speaker: Nadine Hamilton

Fuelling and nourishing your body for clinic life

Speaker: Audra Starkey

Building better relationships

Speaker: Rosie Overfield

Who 'really' cares – the double-edged sword of altruism as a professional trait.

Speaker: Adele Feakes

10 simple quick wins to get your time back

Speaker: Alison Lambert

Call Checklist and Opportunities

Speaker: Alison Lambert

Team based Consulting, what are successful clinics doing

Speaker: Sue Crampton

Overcoming your fears and frustrations around money

Speaker: Gary Turnbull

Business success and standards of care

Speaker: Nick Taylor

Blocked Cats – A Surgeon's Perspective

Speaker: Wye Li Chong

Spinal dysfunction - pathophysiology, signs, diagnosis and when to refer

Speaker: Jacob Michelsen

Arthroscopy - where does it fit in treatment of joint disease?

Speaker: Jacob Michelsen

Minimally-invasive techniques in urology

Speaker: Erika Meler

Making Itchy Conversations Easier SPONSORED by HILLS

Speaker: Callum Bennie

Removing GI foreign bodies endoscopically - what goes down must come up

Speaker: Phil Brain

Is GI endoscopy within the scope of your practice

Speaker: Phil Brain

Lung tumours and their prognosis

Speaker: Carla Appelgrein

The canine amputee

Speaker: Brooke Williams

Appropriate exercise for juvenile dogs - a physiotherapy perspective

Speaker: Brooke Williams

Basic wound management and bandaging

Speaker: Ainsley Sutton

Shifting the weigh we talk about weight: Nutrients and weight loss

Speaker: Victoria Koks

More than just X-Rays

Speaker: Jasmina Jovanova

Dia-BEAT-This: Nursing the DKA patient

Speaker: Teghan Horne

Vascular Access

Speaker: Skye Carr

The Oral Exam Every Patient Deserves

Speaker: Maggie Burley

Intravenous Fluid Therapy: Nursing Essentials

Speaker: Laura Bennington

Respiratory physiology and manual ventilation

Speaker: Caroline Montgomery

Triage for the neurological patient

Speaker: Alex Riesco

Surgical Ventilation in Anaesthesia

Speaker: Rhonda Ponder

Phone triage - Yes, you do need to come to emergency

Speaker: Victoria Koks

Capnography, an underutilised tool: how to get the most out of your ETCO2

Speaker: Darcie Kinnaird

Approaching hypotension under GA (identification, diagnosis, and treatment)

Speaker: Darcie Kinnaird

Nutrition in the ICU: They don't eat when they get better, they get better when they eat

Speaker: Laura Bennington

Improving the euthanasia procedure

Speaker: Jackie Campbell

New treatment options for canine lymphoma

Speaker: Catherine Chan

Canine seizures - core concepts and case examples

Speaker: Christine Thomson

Interpreting dental radiographs

Speaker: Kirsten Hailstone

The Emergency Patient: Introduction to ECC for GP Vets

Speaker: Louis Eramanis

Osteosarcoma in dogs - is it still terrible or is there anything new?

Speaker: Claire Cannon

Canine mast cell tumours - when should I refer?

Speaker: Claire Cannon

Feline chronic enteropathies - just give pred right?

Speaker: Lara Boland

The fight against antimicrobial resistance: results of the GX antimicrobial stewardship program

Speaker: Kirsten Bailey

Surgical literature review

Speaker: Jarrod Drew

How to approach a cat with a gastrointestinal mass

Speaker: Catherine Chan

Hip Dysplasia - Early diagnosis, assessment and preventative treatment

Speaker: Jacob Michelsen

Hip Dysplasia - Managing hip dysplasia in middle and old age - what are the options

Speaker: Jacob Michelsen

Getting optimal results from eyelid and third eyelid surgeries

Speaker: Vicki Liddle

Skin reconstructive techniques every vet should know

Speaker: Carla Appelgrein

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