Adele Feakes

BVSc (Hons), GCert Higher Ed

I am currently preparing my PhD thesis in Entrepreneurship for submission, looking at the interaction of altruistic other-orientation and recognised drivers of business intentions, particularly for socially purposed businesses (such as veterinary practice). Motivated to untangle and answer important questions about veterinarians and veterinary business, and maybe even reveal the 'elephant in our (veterinary) room.

As background, I started out in emergency veterinary medicine, continued for 24 years as a rural practice owner with production animals and horses as the greatest part of my case-load, and became an on-plant veterinarian for the federal government before moving to the ‘village’ of Adelaide, thinking I would continue as a parent and a sessional small animal practitioner. Soon after, I became one of the first ten academics appointed to build the new veterinary school at The University of Adelaide and am now Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Practice Management.


Who 'really' cares – the double-edged sword of altruism as a professional trait.

Speaker: Adele Feakes