Jasmina Jovanova


Jasmina has been a part of the ARH Homebush hospital for over 21 years and still arrives to work every day with a smile her my face. The team that Jasmina works with, including all of the staff members in the hospital as a whole, work very harmoniously to deliver the best possible outcome to the patient. It is Jasmina’s belief that she contributes to a positive change to patients lives and positive experiences for their clients, through the role that she plays at ARH Homebush. Jasmina live’s her life with the motto “Do good and good will come back to you” and being a part of the surgical and imaging team allows her to help our patients and make their road to recovery as fast and pain free as possible. Simultaneously, Jasmina feels that we make a positive change in the client’s life as well by helping their loved pets through the recovery process and enabling the clients to have more precious time with them. Another reason that Jasmina loves coming to work every day is because every day is a new opportunity to learn something new. Those who know Jasmina will recall her saying quite often: “Life is a school as we learn something new everyday”. The range of specialists and great nursing and support/admin staff makes this saying a reality as every day we are exposed to new cases thus a new opportunity to grow and learn and provide the best treatment available with the best possible outcome to that patient.


More than just X-Rays

Speaker: Jasmina Jovanova