Maggie Burley

RVN, Cert IV VN, Dip VN, VTS

Maggie is a VNCA Accredited Veterinary Nurse with over 12 years’ experience in small animal general practice. Her passion for dentistry has led to her obtaining both the Diploma of Veterinary Nursing (Dentistry), and the Veterinary Technician Speciality in Dentistry – the first Australian Veterinary Nurse to achieve this Specialty. She has studied under Board Certified Veterinary Dental Specialists both in Australia and the United States and attended many dentistry focussed conferences, workshops and Dental Specialty Practices.

Maggie is experienced in conducting nurse dental clinics assisting in both general practice, dental procedures and advanced specialty procedures and oral surgery. Maggie became focused on dentistry after seeing many pets in obvious pain and discomfort due to oral health problems, and finds it highly rewarding to see the improvement in a pet’s quality of life following effective and appropriate dental treatment. She values helping pet owners to better understand the importance of their pet’s oral health and the impact it has on the pet’s overall health & quality of life. Her hope is that veterinary dentistry continues to grow and that a good oral hygiene routine becomes a normal part of every pet’s daily life.


The Oral Exam Every Patient Deserves

Speaker: Maggie Burley